The conversation begins when we stop running from the issues that matter most.

So, why is Jake Castanza different from the cliché driven candidates of today? Simple, Jake is committed to thinking through the issues with you, not for you.

Jake learned to work with people and be a leader while attending Boylan High School and graduating from Western Illinois University. Jake recently finished his MS in Communications from Purdue University while working as Executive Director of Project First Rate in Winnebago County.

Jake’s campaign is currently focused on meeting with groups of voters of the 68th District. As Jake is out knocking on doors, he’s listening and learning from you the voters. In fact, walking the neighborhoods is helping Jake become a better candidate. Recently, as Jake was knocking on doors, he had a moment with a voter. Jake started the conversation with “Sorry to disturb you but,” the gentleman stopped Jake in mid-sentence and said “Don’t apologize for knocking on my door and don’t say disturb me, you just placed disturb me in my mind, which I don’t think you want to do. Now, how can I help you?” Jake thought for second and replied, “you’re right on both counts, and I won’t apologize for knocking on a door or say disturb you again in this campaign.” During the most basic campaign task of knocking on doors, Jake listened and learned from a neighbor.

While Jake is campaigning, he’s learning what’s important to you, including: our crime rate is too high, our schools aren’t working, our state and local taxes are out of control, and so on. Jake is hearing from you that serious changes need to be made in Illinois if we’re going have any chance to solve these problems. Jake Castanza is a candidate for State Representative who will work with the people of the 68th District to make the changes needed and create a much brighter future for our region.