Jake is a leader for today’s difficult times.

Community service is at the center of Jake’s life. And while serving as your state representative, Jake will be working every day to ensure a safer, healthier and more prosperous Northern Illinois.

Today Jake is in your neighborhood knocking on doors and holding coffees to hear what’s important to you. Most importantly, Jake believes Illinois’s government should be serving you, the people of the 68th District, not conforming to the status quo.

Are you concerned about economic growth, funding for education, more meaningful jobs, tax reform, or having local leaders working together to solve problems? These are tough issues, but Jake will work with you to set priorities, and find solutions we can afford.

Jake is already at work in our community. After graduating Boylan H.S. and Western Illinois University, Jake served as Senior Director of Mission Advancement at the Rock River Valley YMCA. Now with a master from Purdue University, Jake is leading Rebuild Rockford, a program he started to renovate abandoned houses and return them to the property tax rolls. .